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Wisdom of the Wounded:  

Understanding sexual abuse in the church and in the world.  The effects of abuse on victims and survivors. What every pastor and church member needs to know.



Complex Trauma and Resilience:  

This workshop gives understanding about the devastation of trauma and abuse, also ways to build resilience.

Writing to Save Your Life

The gift of writing can bring hope and healing not only to the reader but also to the writer.  Come and learn about the healing powers of writing and how it can change and save your life. 

Protective Practices

When trauma is experienced many things feel unsafe.  Sometimes the whole world feels unsafe.  When recovering from the effects of trauma it is important to understand the things in our life that provide protection.  In this presentation learn what protective factors are, which protective factors you already have and how to develop new ones.  

Trauma and Resilience

Protecting Children

Other class topics include




Self Worth


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