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Health and Wellness Group

This group is about carrots more than sticks.  What I mean by this is we motivate ourselves by using the power of a reward more than the threat of punishment.  Too often we use the stick on ourselves.  We shame, blame and try to guilt our way into doing things that are good for us. 

The Health and Wellness group is here to support you in whatever goal you are trying to accomplish.  The group does not use shame or judgement to hold you accountable.  Accountability comes from within. The group supports you in achieving your goals.

The goals you set can be anything from cleaning out your basement to staying in an exercise routine.  You set the pace and how you want to accomplish it.  The group is here to listen and support, as you pursue weekly goals

Goals are viewed not only as short-term accomplishments but as long-term success as you work to create a life of health and wellness.

Writing on a Notebook

Writing for

Health and Wellness

” Writing has helped me heal.  Writing has changed my life.  Writing has saved my life.” 

Louise DeSalvo author of Writing as a Way of Healing.

The Writing for Health and Wellness group is a safe place to develop and share writing about your life journey.

How deeply you go in this transforming journey is totally up to you.  Being a part of a writing group helps keep us accountable and gives us a place to share our pose.

Being a part of this writing group will

Help you write more regularly

Help you explore deeper life issues.

Help you gain more confidence as a writer.

Help you understand how writing can be a way to find release from trauma and painful life experiences.

This group is a combination of gaining skill and confidence as a writer and a chance to work on difficult issues.  Participants will be encouraged to find deeper meaning in their writing and to allow it to transform their lives.

Meditating by the Pool

Mindfulness Meditation Group

This group provides meditation experiences and understanding into the practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation is about being still, being present in the moment and focusing on the breath.  It helps a person slow down their thoughts, let go of negativity and calm the mind and body.

Benefits of meditation

Studies have shown meditation can help reduce stress anxiety, pain depression, and insomnia

There are many types of mindfulness meditation.  These include body scan, walking meditation, yoga, and seated meditation. This group will practice seated meditation.

What to expect from this group? 

First, we will engage in a 20-minute guided or silent meditation and then there will be time to share how mindfulness and meditation benefits your life.  Also, current information on mindfulness and mediation will be shared to help you improve your practice.

Splashing Water

Cost: $10.00 per session for all groups



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Health and Wealth Group

Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Writing for Health and Wellness

Tuesday 6:30 p.m.

Mindfulness Meditation

(To be scheduled)



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