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Hi there,

I'm Kathy Wiens

Trauma Recovery &  Empowerment Coach •  Licensed Professional counselor  Author • Speaker •  Blogger


I help women find a life of empowerment, moving away from past trauma and people pleasing.

Work with me and move beyond self-doubt and shame to find your unique strengths and purpose.

Would like to go from being your worst enemy to being your own best friend!

How about making peace with your past and finding your passion and purpose!

Are you ready to focus on the awesome woman you are!


My mission is to is to walk along side you on this journey. I will help you discover your strengths and gifts. And I will give you tools and strategies to live your best life.


I know this is possible because I’ve been there.


For years, the weight of past traumas left me feeling disempowered, trapped in a cycle of believing that something within me needed fixing.


But when I discovered coaching a pivotal realization struck, there wasn't an inherent flaw within me to be fixed. With this revelation, a new journey unfolded—one focused on embracing my strengths and abilities.


Coaching helped me transform my beliefs about myself.

Now I help other women embrace this same transformation, to empower them in finding their own strengths and gifts.


But nothing happens without your action.


Today is the day to make the call and begin focusing on what’s right with you instead of continuing to believe there is something wrong with you.


Book a call today.

Crystal Salt

The only difference between where you are and

where you want to be is the steps you haven’t yet taken.

More About

Kathy's Journey

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Trauma Recovery Coach

She started her coaching practice in 2019. Kathy Wiens Coaching, provides a safe place to find support, validation, and help in navigating the ups and downs of life. She supports women in finding our voice, strengths, and authentic self is an important part of our journey. Her practice offers a variety of resources, including coaching, support groups, a blog, a YouTube channel, classes, and a monthly newsletter.

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Educational Background

Kathy holds  graduate degrees in Mental Health Counseling and Elementary Education. For 28 years she was an early childhood educator, teaching both children and adults.

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Her childhood memoir, Bars, Dumps and Other Childhood Hangouts, was published in 2013. And her second memoir, Please Don’t Send Me Back was published in 2021.

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Other Accomplishments

Since 2012 she has worked with churches teaching child protection/sexual abuse prevention classes. Kathy currently works for GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in Christian Environments) providing support, care and encouragement for victims, survivors and witness going through a GRACE investigation.

Kathy is a former blogger and speaker for Dove's Nest and a former board member for CASA: A Voice for Children in Harvey County, Kansas.

She was a former board chair for Into Account, a survivor centered organization.


Personal Life

Kathy has been married to Tim, since 1985. They have two adult daughters. She is passionate about her life as a mom, grandma, partner, writer, obsessive crochet artist and lover of being creative and working in the garden.

Now you know a little more about my life, I’d love to hear more about your journey and ways I can help you move forward.


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