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Are you ready to move  b e y o n d  the past and

 d i s c o v e r  the life you were meant to live?

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Work with me one on one virtually or on location at my home office in McPherson, KS.

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Let go of shame and negative self talk


Move beyond trauma and self-criticism.


Stop living your life to please others instead of yourself.

Jenny's Story

Jenny had grappled with feelings of low self-worth and mild depression for an extended period. Much of this stemmed from challenging relationships during her childhood, which had led her to adopt a habit of constantly seeking approval from others and engaging in persistent negative self-dialogue.

Jenny sought out counseling through the years and this had been helpful. However, despite years of counseling Jenny still felt like something was missing. She continued to see herself as flawed and broken. It was in this state of inner turmoil that Jenny sought out coaching, to gain a sense of peace and tranquility.

When I first saw Jenny, she poured out her struggles and insecurities. The first question I posed was simple yet profound: "What if there is nothing wrong with you?" In that moment, Jenny lifted her head, her eyes brightened with newfound hope. A smile graced her lips, signaling the beginning of a transformative journey.

With each session, Jenny peeled back the layers of self-doubt and self-criticism, uncovering the amazing core of her being. Through introspection and guided reflection, she began to recognize her inherent worth and value. She was finally seeing herself through a lens of compassion and acceptance.

Jenny’s story is a combination of many women I’ve worked with through the years. But her story is not unique. When we look at ourselves through a new lens, we can start seeing what is right with us. And this opens a world of new hope and possibilities!!


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