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Release date April 26, 2021

"How could I cut out part of myself that' s been there my whole life? How can a twelve-year-old child let go of, abandon one family to have another family? It would have been easier to cut out my heart."g 1

Katherine Burey Wiens gives wisdom and insight into the life of a child in the foster care system. In Please Don't Send Me Back the readers experiences firsthand what it is like to be a child removed from an abusive home and placed with a stable family.

When Kathy we removed from her biological mother's care it was the worst day of her life and also the best day of her life.  This book chronicles why it was the best day of her life. But as a ten-year-old child losing the only family she knows, no matter what the circumstances, is also the worst day of her life.

Reader Endorsements:


"Kathy is a good writer and has a remarkable story. So glad she is sharing it! It certainly makes a strong case for the importance of good people considering opening their hearts and homes to foster children or adoptees."

Carolyn Holderread Heggen, Ph.D.

"With so many children in our society experiencing neglect and /or abuse such a book is very needed. For both these children and those striving to help them, it is important to hear the story of one person's success in navigating the perils of both the dysfunctional family and the system which determines such children's futures." 

Roger Schrock