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I help women find a life of empowerment,

moving away from past trauma and people pleasing.


Go from being your own worst enemy, to your own best friend.


Focus on the awesome woman you are.


Make peace with your past and find your passion and purpose.

Did you believe working on the trauma would be

the magic

to make your life perfect?

Do you still let shame and negative self talk control your life?

Do you feel you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Do you still live your life to please others instead of yourself?

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Here’s the truth friend,

it’s time to   r e l e a s e  the trauma identity and rediscover the  s t r e n g t h  and  b e a u t y  within you.

It’s possible to let go of the shame and live the life you

were meant to live!

Together, we will nurture a deep and compassionate connection with the incredible woman you are.

Get ready for a transformation that celebrates self-love and unleashes you true potential!

You have the power! Let's schedule a call!

I understand what you’re going through.....

For years, the weight of past traumas left me feeling disempowered, trapped in a cycle of believing that something within me needed fixing. I convinced myself that the key to healing lay in finding the perfect counselor or mental health program.


Counseling was very beneficial for me. It offered a space to unpack my experiences and understand why they held such sway over me. Yet, despite progress, the lingering belief in my identity as a victim persisted. Each session felt like a rehashing of what was wrong rather than a celebration of what was right with me.


Then, a pivotal realization struck, there wasn't an inherent flaw within me to be fixed. With this revelation, a new journey unfolded—one focused on embracing my strengths and virtues.


That’s when I discovered coaching, and it became beacon of light on my path. Coaching helped me transform my beliefs about myself.

Now I help other women embrace this same transformation, to empower them in finding their own strength and gifts.

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Work with me one on one virtually or on location at my home office in McPherson, KS.

Relaxing at Home

Start today and join one of my curated online courses that will help guide you.

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Access to me via a community of other women just like you.

Why wait any longer? Book a complementary 15 minute discovery call!
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Here’s how you get started

Pick a Date

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call. You can share with me what your needs are. Together will see if working together is a fit!

Let's Work Together

As we work together we’ll unpack what’s been holdong you back. I’ll help you with tools and strategies to embrace your strength and find our passion and purpose!

Be Confident

You can release shame and self criticism, find your inner strength and live the life your were meant to live!

Kathy has changed my life! Kathy's coaching style guides you into the journey of exploration in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.

Kathy asks the right questions for you to dig deeper and that's where the healing begins.

Her wisdom, experience and support helped me so much. I have been able to work through a lot of areas where I felt fear and shame. I knew I wasn't alone.


Kathy is a lifeline for trauma recovery!

- Jean

Kathy is a very helpful person in her role as a “Life Coach”. Insightful, quietly encouraging and a big part of the reason I am crawling out of my decade of being in a deep hole of sadness, grief and discouragement.

- Beverly

Kathy created a safe container for me to grow and find my own truth and wisdom.


She was masterful at using kindness and compassion to reframe some of the ways I saw myself through the lens of my trauma.


Her coaching style modeled what healthy, positive, compassionate, and loving parenting looks like and feels like.

- Dee


I know moving beyond the past  

i s   p o s s i b l e .


You don’t need to let shame and past trauma hold you back another day!


Together we can   r e d i s c o v e r   the amazing woman you are!!


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