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My Decluttering Heroes

Whenever I need to understand something or learn a new skill, one of the first places I go to is YouTube. There is a wealth of information there. In my decluttering journey, I’ve also learned a lot from YouTube. Clutterbug and Minimal Mom are two channels that have helped me as I work toward my cleaning and decluttering goals. The women who host these channels are my decluttering heroes!

Clutterbug is hosted by Cass Aarssen. She describes herself as:

Recovering Super Slob turned Organizing Expert

On her website, she has a quiz to help you understand your organizational styles. She identifies four styles: Ladybug, Cricket, Butterfly, and Bee. It was helpful for me to understand my organizing style, so I didn’t keep trying to work with my stuff in a way that didn’t fit my personality.

Here’s what Cass says on her website about each organizing style:

Ladybug: Ladybugs are hidden organizers that like their everyday used items to be out-of-sight.

Butterfly: Butterflies are visual organizers who can easily forget about items when they are stored out-of-sight.

Cricket: Crickets are hidden organizers who prefer to have their items stored behind closed doors.

Bee: Bees are visual organizers who like to see their everyday used items out in the open.

These organizing styles are explained in more detail on the website. You can also take the quiz there to better understand what your style is.

Cass’s YouTube channel is great, but there are many other useful tools on her website, such as courses, books, organizing tips, and more.

The Minimal Mom is the other decluttering YouTube channel I love. Dawn Madsen runs this channel and also has a website with books, courses, and a membership group. I got inspiration for my last blog, What is Your Stuff Saying to You?, from one of her videos. She gears the channel toward decluttering and becoming a minimalist. But she has a lot of useful information even if you don’t want to declutter that drastically.

These two channels have helped me in my decluttering process and they’ve helped my coaching clients too. I hope you check them out and get some inspiration, advice, and helpful tips to help you in your decluttering journey.

Here are the links to both YouTube channels and websites:

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