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Word of the Year: My Words Over the Years

I have had many words that I’ve used

over the years to help guide me. These have been helpful because they’ve tapped into my intuition and internal motivation rather than my external, logical motivation. In using a word for the year, I’ve been able to be gentler and more loving to myself, rather than judging how I’m failing or getting it wrong.

One year my word was “release”. This came when I had suffered a devastating betrayal from the church I attended. After several years of being in the storm of this betrayal, I knew I needed to let go. The word that came to me was “release”. Using this word did not take the pain away, but it helped me reframe it. When the trauma I suffered by many individuals I had once trusted flooded my body, the word release would often bubble to the surface. This helped me to break the painful, emotional looping of my thoughts. I could then remind myself that while this is extremely painful, I can release it.

Another year, I was starting my coaching business. My word that year was “start”. With this word I found more ways I could keep my focus on it throughout the year. I found a poem that clearly stated what my intention was with “start”. The poem encouraged me to just start, start with fear, start with hand trembling, but just start. I read that repeatedly throughout the year. I also did some artwork around the word and put that in a place I would see it often. Both strategies helped me focus on the word throughout the year. And I started my business, and it’s still going on today, several years later.

Last year my word was “health”. I knew I needed to pay more attention to my health. My body has taken care of me for so many years, even though at times I have abused it. So, I knew it was time for me to take care of my body. However, when I choose this word last year, I did not have the social support I’d had in past years, to keep this word at the front of my mind. I didn’t do any art around the word, and I didn’t have a poem, quote, or affirmation to remind me of the word. So, this word didn’t guide me the way words had guided me in the past..

I’m choosing the word “health” again, but this year I’m layering more strategies to use the word. I have a mantra that I’ve been using around this word. The mantra is: I love my body more than I love food. This is something I’ll post and perhaps do some artwork around. I’m developing goals and strategies for implementing better health in my life. And I plan to talk with my friends, who also chose a guiding word for the year, more often.

There are many ways to choose a word for the year and many ways to use this process throughout the year. This is just my process. If your process looks different, that’s totally ok. But I think for everyone it’s important to keep the word visible in your physical world, as well as in your mind and thoughts. I would encourage you that when you choose a word, also think about how to keep it relevant in your life throughout the year.

To gain more tips and strategies on how to do this, click this link

to receive a list of helpful tips to stay focused on your word this year.

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